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optionStandard Life Healthcare
optionVirgin Cancer Care
optionCashBack - the AXA PPP healthcare cash plan
A cash plan is designed to help you to cover the cost of everyday healthcare bills, by providing you with money back to help towards a wide range of items, such as eye tests, dental check-ups, physiotherapy and chiropractic treatment. From under £10 a month CashBack can be a cost-effective alternative to traditional private medical insurance. It can also complement the services and benefits often received as part of a private medical insurance policy. You won’t need to have a medical examination or declare your medical history. You will be able to have treatment under the NHS or privately and children can be included on your policy at no extra cost. Buy online today.
optionPrivate medical insurance from AXA PPP healthcare
We have a range of private medical insurance plans, all of which provide benefit for in-patient and day-patient treatment of eligible new medical conditions that arise after you join. All our plans also offer benefit for out-patient treatment but the level of cover varies according to the plan you choose. The more comprehensive the cover you choose, the higher the premium is likely to be. We do however provide options that may help to reduce your premium. You can combine any of our plans with our 6 Week Option, which means you won’t have to wait more than six weeks for eligible treatment. If the NHS can’t treat you within six weeks, you’ll go private straight away. If the NHS treats you within six weeks, you can claim a cash benefit of £50 per night for your NHS stay, up to £2000 a year. With our new ‘Six Choice’ range of plans, you can combine a no claims discount with the 6 Week Option. This means you’ll automatically start with a discount of 27.5% on the no claims discount scale, and this could increase to 50% after four years with no claims. However, if you or anyone on your policy chooses to make a claim, your level of no claims discount will reduce.
optionAXA Independent Health Cover (IHC) for the Self-Employed
As a self-employed person, you know that taking time off due to illness can mean losing money and potential business. It's for this reason that we've designed an exclusive product for the self-employed called Independent Health Cover, created to help keep you and your business healthy. As well as providing you with the security of private medical insurance, each of our three Independent Health Cover plans includes a range of services specifically designed for our self-employed customers. These include - Personal Business Assistance that enables you to maintain contact with customers, prospective clients or suppliers, if you are in hospital or suffering from health problems that prevent you from being accessible or able to communicate effectively. Whether it’s writing a letter on your behalf or sending a message to an enquirer by telephone, fax or email, our Personal Business Assistance team will help your business to keep operating at what can be a difficult time. Personal Legal Advice Line – which provides you with unlimited 24 hour telephone access to qualified legal advisers.

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